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The Kunsthaus opened in 2003 when Graz was the "European Capital of Culture". Architecture-Icon Peter Cook and Colin Fournier designed it and made it a center of attraction in Graz. It is an exhibition center for contemporary art.

Sculpture Park

In the Austrian Sculpture Park you can discover the lotus ponds, rose gardens, labyrinths and mazes, that are more home to over 60 contemporary sculptures, showing off their full potential. The dialogue between art and nature is embedded in the seven hectare large park designed by the landscape architect Dieter Kienast. He turned the park 7 kilometers south from Graz into an 'oasis of declaration'.

April to October, Mo-Sun, 10am until 20pm

city of design

When it was appointed a "City of Design", Graz was catapulted into the premier league of the world´s most future-oriented centres of population as distinguished by UNESCO, alongside such metropolises as Berlin and Montreal. But that´s by no means all we´ve got to set us apart. We are also hugely proud of the wonderful people of Graz, the city´s beautifully sunny weather, open-minded art and culture scene and we could go on.


steirischer herbst

The leitmotif of steirischer Herbst is : I prefer not to ... share!

From September 26th until October 19th the city of Graz enjoys the festival flair.
The belgium based Needcompany All tomorrow's Parties creates the festival opening.
You find the detailled program here.

Styrian Castle tour

The Castle tour includes the towers and castles in Styria. The siuth-east of Styria counts to the most important towers and castles areas in europe. That places bring you back to the past.


kaiser josef markt

A meeting point for culinary bon vivants! This farmers market offers daily fresh and regional products. Cheers to tradition.

MO to SA - 4.30am to 1pm

Markt am lendplatz

On the right bank of the river Mure you find traditional culinary specialities such as fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers.

MO to SA - 6am to 1pm

southern styrian wine road

A kingdom of heaven an mellow hills! Vineyards, wherever you look! the "Southern Styrian Wine Road" - winding roads lead you exactly where you should go - into the wonderful vine bowers and terraces!
Augarten Hotel