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In the meantime we take the risk and warmly forward you to our second-favourite hotel in town… the Kai 36.


The primary factor is proportions.
– Arne Jacobsen –

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Regional – Fresh – Biological. For some these words are merely taglines, for us they are the foundation of our cooking and for you they can be one more reason to get up with a smile. Our eggs come from free range chicken, our honey has been produced by our own bees and the bread is as fresh as it comes. A great variety of coffee, an exquisite range of teas and of course a wide selection of international papers – what a way to start the day.

Good Morning, Graz.

twentyfour seven

An espresso to kickstart the day, a glass of wine to relax or a smooth gin-and-tonic for a nightcap.Our bar is open all day and all night.

room service twentyfour seven

Of course you can order drinks and snacks at any time. Peckishness rarely reads the schedule...

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